Webstarts, the company I'm using to host this webpage comes with the ability to post pre-built games from various people. They may be fun, but did you know I also make games? Whether or not you did, before you get to them, read this first. The dominant program I use to make them is Game Maker, a free* program used to make games with relative ease. Lately though, I haven't because of other things like life. I still have made some good ones though. The homepage for Game Maker is YoYoGames. That site also contains all games uploaded to it, plus there are other sites. Of the probably around 150,000 games there, probably 50,000 are complete, 20,000 are of good quality, and about 1,000 are of commercial quality (in my opinion) or better, and literally some are sold.

* = Free as in a free version, the full version is a one time cost of $25 or so, but I believe it's worth it.

With that said, here is the link to my games: HERE! From there you can see my member's entire history including my games. From there you can download most of them, or if you install a certain software, you can play online. You don't need to be a member for either.

You might wonder what my favorite game is, the answer is I'm not sure. No game yet fits perfectly, some very close though. What I'm currently thinking is probably Master of Orion 1.
Last Update: 08/18/2010