There are three kinds of questions: general, logical, and focused. To explain the differences, I'll use weather. General is like social or small talk. The general question would be, "How about this weather?" or something. The logical would be more about the logic beyond that isn't abstract. The sample question would be, "Why does it rain?" And then there is focused, which usually is about a specific thing, but can be more general, logical, or abstract. A sample question would be, "What does weather have to do with this web page?" In this case, the focused are primarily going to be answered here. On the left side will be website questions and on the right, will be focused philosophical questions. The philosophical ones are my answers, but they aren't necessarily only mine.
Last Update: 10/21/2010
 General and Website Questions

Q. Why do you call yourself a philosophical gamer?
A. Because I study philosophy and games and game philosophy.
Q. Why is Comedy spelled wrong in the menu?
A. It isn't. If you are talking about the odd symbol there, it's an arrow to a sub menu.
Q. If I want to contact you by email, what do I do?
A. Send an email.
Q. What's your email?
A. a weird gamer at yahoo dot com . If you should be able to fill in the at and dot. No spaces or underscores in the email.
Q. Why didn't you say the at and dot as @ and . ?
A. To decrease the likelihood of being sent junk email.
Q. Where's the "About"?
A. About time you noticed that. It's not done yet.
Q. Why aren't there many updates?
A. Little to add and say.
Q. Why does the Art page say "Art - Part 1"?
A. Because at first, I planned to make more pages, but there was a limit of pages, so I got rid of the others.
Q. What does your art mean?
A. It's open to interppetation, but if you want to know my original intentions, email me with a subject like "Philosophical Gamer Question" so I know.

Focused and Philosophical Questions

Q. Where do you get your ideas?
A. I don't get them, they come to me, and then I expand them.
Q. Is everything on this page true?
A. How true?
Q. How long do you work on your work before you send it out for all who care see?
A. It varies.
Q. Can you give me clear answers?
A. Yes.
Q. Will you?
A. Depends on what the question is.
Q. What's with all of the unanswered questions?
A. To make it easier to add more later.
Q. When do you plan to fill in those other questions?
A. Never.
Q. So it's hopeless?
A. No, I just don't plan on it is all. It might happen, but there's no specific planning.
Q. Are you always this weird?
A. No, just sometimes.
Q. Anyway, what's your stance on philosophy.
A. I don't have a book made on it yet.
Q. Why not just say it here?
A. I don't know where to begin, and it'd be too long.
Q. Why would it be so long?
A. I have a lot to say.

From here and below, is my more abstract and unusual ideas summarized into PowerPoints. I only have two so far though. I guarantee it's not a virus or anything I put there, but if you won't trust me, that's your choice.

Psychology - Survive in Many or Thrive in a Few: Here!
Physics - False Time Perception Hypothesis: Here!