Art, music, and comedy. None really relate to each other. There is an art to everything, but by art I mean like graphics and visual art.

Art is here, it's important enough to have it's own page.
Music is from here until the heading Comedy is mentioned.

Wait, where is it? I don't make music regularly, and I rarely listen to it. What I do like in music though is that it's calmer, not too loud, and the lyrics have a good message if there are any. Mysterious ambiance seems to be my favorite. If you want my music, the problem is uploading it. Well, that's all for music.
Last Update: 06/14/2011
Due to the fact I cannot  find a suitable slideshow like widget so that it shows a different comic automatically varying in a good way, I'll just post the introduction and a few samples here. I plan to make a book later, and maybe I'll find a way to link to it later, but that will cost something. That is the current thought anyway. It may change. By the way, the name of the series is Wait, Why.